Freitag, 3. Juli 2009

First cheats ... err ... steps

I have to admit that the first 4 levels were pretty tough. In the nightelf starter area are only a few quests that you can do that don't require to kill. So the only way to gain experience is by exploring but since there are millions of spiders and tigers you get owned pretty often. Not killing means no income (either by looting or for the quest) and that means for the first five levels you have only a few quests to get gold (actually copper at this stage).

Luckily the midsummer event startet and with it came the opportunity to make great money and to get much experience. I honored many fires, extinguished some, did the two daylies, explored all the alliance-starter-areas and did many non-kill-quests and got to level 10 easy. Even tho I did at least every starter-area once I wasn't aware of so many non-kill-quests available. Due to me exploring like every stone I even learned some new quests that are way off the road (great to know for my loremaster-toon).

I mined copper and tin like mad but all for naught. You see, engineerings needs other materials too. Linen and wool in particular. And since I don't kill mobs there is no way to get those materials (if you get lucky you can get them from chests) other then from the AH. And the prices on this server are ridiculous. A stack of wool for 5g .... thats the price for runecloth on my server. Since I will always need linen/wool/etc. and since I don't want to farm copper for 1h just to by 1 stack of wool I cheated ... kinda. I created a death knight, the opposite of a pacifist ^^
With 2 hours invested to get the death knight a) some nice outfit b) out of wpl and to stormwind and c) into stockades I now have a char to farm linen/wool/green items.
I'm still unsure if I shouldn't have done this. I try not to over-abuse the death knight but with no other char and no contacts on this server I forsee a lot of problems later on (I need an alchemist).

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