Montag, 20. Juli 2009

Raw Greater Sagefish?

Since most professions require level 25 to get to the next level I pushed myself to level Pazi this weekend (starting with level 21 on friday).

I got a bit lucky. For instance there is a level27-quest that wants you to gather some green slime from a mob in Gnomeregan. I was in Ironforge when someone looked for members for Gnomeregan. So I went to Gnomeregan and low and behold they killed all the mobs leading to the instance including some with slime. Easy experience :D (3300+). I consider to do the follow-up (level30-quest) in the near future - the only hard part is to sneak through (much easier now because I have a Parachute Cloak and a Gnomish Cloaking Device). I did the two quests in Blackfathom Deeps.

It took me somewhere around an hour to heal through the quest "The Absent Minded Prospector" in Darkshore (and follow-ups till Menethil). I then did the escort-quest "The Sleeper Has Awakened" and this time I didn't follow the road but ran through the woods - no spawned mobs.

I now have everything explored that is below level 30 (Thousand Needels is THE place to get iron). Next area on my list is Arathi, Desolace (got both flightpoints already and Desolace is half done - guess I had some experience-loss there).

So yeah, level 25 now :D

While I was exploring Silverpine Forest I visited Alterac Mountains at the Lordamere Lake and saw many fishpools of Raw Greater Sagefish. I mean a fishpool like every 50 yards, no hostile mobs -> great opportunity to fish. So I did, and fished about 4 stacks not thinking that anybody would ever buy them (I have 4 80s with maxed cooking-skill and I never used Sagefish to skill cooking) but that I can use them to skill later. I used to skill cooking with raptor meat/eggs at that stage but since I can't kill them I would have to buy the materials. To my surprise auctioneer told me that each fish (!!!) is worth ~3.60g - yeay I learned by now that this server has wicked prices but that .... Sunday morning I sold every fish (not by one toon but by four different toons) - sold them for ~18g for 5 fish. Yeah baby, I'm now the proud owner of 7 bank-slots with a neatherweavebag each + 4 of these on me and I still have 300g. So I went to Lordamere Lake again on sunday evening and there was only one fishpool and that one could not be fished (not deep enough). I logged off, waited 45min, logged in - still no pools ... weird. Have to check this evening or maybe have to wait after a server-reset.

Anyway I guess its getting harder to get quests now so I'm finally at the point where I have to PvP - I have the WSG-daily in my log. I have one open dungeon-quest (Gnomeregan). There is an escort-quest available at some point from maestras post in Ashenvale "Supplies to Auberdine" (not sure if it needs some pre-quests). Also there is the escorte/escape-quest in Redridge Mountains "Missing In Action". Some quests await me in the Wetlands "Fall of Dun Modr", "Uncovering the Past", "MacKreel's Moonshine" (one of my favourits because 3000exp + 55s for something so trivial is huge), "The Thandol Span" (+follow ups), "Plea To The Alliance" and "James Hyal". When I get closer to level 30 it will open up a questchain in Ashenvale (Forest Song) with "The Howling Vale".

I will try to find a PvP-goup on my server doing BGs in my level-bracket. Hopefully it will minimize the time I have to spend doing BGs.

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  1. Congrats on 25! Reinisch will be level 80 on Friday, September 4 at 6 PM server time by the Dalaran fishing trainer (but since you're on a european server, you probably can't make it).