Freitag, 3. Juli 2009

Hello :)

This is a blog mostly about my nightelf druid Pazi exploring the World of Warcraft in a little different way.

My background: I started playing WoW in December 2007. Right now I have 4 80s, 3 in the 70s, 2 in the 60s (almost 70s) on 1 server. I also have some chars spread over other servers with the highest being a level 24 hunter. On my mainserver I have my own maxed out guildbank. I used to raid with all 4 80s but now that they are fairly good equiped (naxx25) I only raid with one toon and occasionally with another.

But it gets a little boring to level the 3 70s through the same content I already did 4 times, not to forget those close-to-70s who are still in outland. So I need a little break once in a while (not from the game just from my "old" toons).

Did you know that most of the WoW-quests ask you to kill something/someone for the "greater good"? Of course you do. But did you also know that there are at least 2 famous characters who were good before they changed to evil because of doing just this - killing for the greater good? Arthas and Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader. Both were considered good before they turned to the dark side. So I was inspired by this blog and created my own pacifist (in case you are wondering, I'm german and we write it Pazifist). And to make it even more interesting/challenging I created him (actually it's a she) an a RP-PvP-server where I never had a toon before. From the AH-scan it looks like a fairly young server because prices in the AH are ridiculous (15g for netherweavebags and usually only 5-10 in the AH, while you can get them for 7g on my main server and there are at least 2 pages avaiable).

The rules: Never engage a fight first. Don't attack the opponent unless it is to disable him but not with the intent to kill him. To prevent autoattacks wear a fishing pole all the time. Don't group up with others that intent to kill something/someone (exception are PvP-BGs). It's all about survivability.

So, why did I pick a female nightelf druid? Well, if I'm not mistaken, nightelves live in a very pacifistic way, together with the tauren. But I can't forgive the tauren that they teamed up with the orcs who I consider the most evil race (regarding history in warcraft, even tho they were manipulated at first) - that is the reason why I only have 3 horde-chars and I only use them to "play" the horde-AH ^^. Also nightelves and tauren are the only races with druids and it had to be a druid for these reasons:
  • can change to bear from for maximum survivability
  • can heal and thus is usefull to others too
  • can stealth in kitty-form
  • can run fast in cheeta-form
  • can stay under water for unlimited time
A female because male nightelves look ridiculous (I have a nightelf hunter who is lvl73 and I would delete him if it weren't for the time invested and he is my farmer ^^)

As professions she has picked engineering and mining (the second professions will probably change often since there are some questlines for certain professions). With engineering she can build/use nice helpers (rocket boots).

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